I work with earthen materials and limestone plasters to explore visceral landscapes of elemental abstraction.  

Iā€™m fascinated and seduced by textures throughout the natural and urban world. I see my work as sculptural exploration, and I use techniques and processes to generate organic textural results that can exist both as tactile object and abstract landscape. The landscape format creates a space I can inhabit and engage with in a physical and instinctual way.

I work with natural plaster materials that I have become familiar with in my decade plus of work in plaster wall finish design, and I enjoy pushing these plasters further as expressive art materials.  

My work allows me a space to explore textural concepts and develop elemental, abstract landscapes that are both familiar and imagined. 


Rye Hudak grew up in rural Maine.  He holds a degree in visual studies from Dartmouth College, and studied at the Art Institute of Florence and La Cipressaia Studio in Montagnana, Italy.